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A Winter Time

By Mathew KarnalPublished about a year ago 3 min read

In the river's flow,

Time steadily marches on,

Eternal journey.


Autumn leaves falling,

Winter snow covers the earth,

Spring sun shines once more.


The clock ticks away,

Moments become memories,

Eternity waits.


In the endless night,

Stars twinkle, time stands still,

Eternal beauty.


Aging seasons pass,

Leaves fall, flowers bloom once more,

Cycles of life go.


As time slowly crawls,

Days blend into each other,

Never-ending march.


Eons come and go,

Civilizations rise and fall,

Yet time moves ahead.


We measure its pace,

In minutes and seconds lost,

Never truly gained.


It is but a stream,

Flowing endlessly on,

Taking all with it.


So cherish each moment,

Make memories to last,

For time will not wait.


In the still of night,

Thoughts drift to moments past,

Time, a fickle friend.


In laughter and love,

In sorrow and pain we find,

Purpose to our days.


Time leaves us with scars,

Reminders of what was lost,

Yet, hope still remains.


For with every end,

Comes a chance for a new start,

Time gives us renewal.


So let us embrace,

Every moment given us,

Time, a precious gift.


In the flow of life,

We can learn to make each day,

A work of art in time.


With every sunrise,

A new chance to make it right,

To live fully and bright.


So let us not waste,

The precious moments we have,

In idle contemplation.


But let us strive to,

Live with purpose and passion,

Embrace life with all heart.


For time is fleeting,

And none of us know how long,

We have in this world.


So let us make each day,

A symphony of life,

And enjoy its sweet melody.


Let us not look back,

With regret and sorrow,

But with gratitude.


For every moment,

Brings with it a lesson learned,

And growth to our soul.


In the still of night,

As we lay down to rest,

Let us cherish each day.


For the time we have,

Is but a fleeting dream,

That one day will be gone.


But the memories,

That we make along the way,

Will live on forever.


So let us make the most,

Of every moment given,

And live life to the fullest.


For time is a gift,

That we should never take for granted,

But hold it close to heart.


Time flows like a stream

Eternity in moments

Stillness in its wake.


A new day dawns again

Memories of yesterday

Tomorrow awaits.


Invisible force,

Time marches on without cease,

Leaves us in its wake.


A constant beat, drums

Moments lost, never regained

Eternity calls.


Days turn into years,

Memories fade with the breeze,

Time, a silent thief.


Eternity waits,

A never-ending cycle,

Time, the great unknown.


In the still of night,

Memories come alive,

The past, a soft glow.


Sands of time trickle down

Moments slip away, gone

Eternity waits.


Sunrise brings new dawns

Each day, a chance to grow

Time flies, cherish now.


In stillness, it waits

Time, an endless river

Flowing, never still.


In stillness, it flows,

Eternal river of life,

Time quietly goes.


A moment in time,

A memory to cherish,

Forever it shines.


With each passing day,

The clock ticks away our youth,

Embrace life's full bloom.


Eons come and go,

Civilizations rise,

Time marches forward.


Nature dances on,

In time's gentle embrace,

Eternal beauty.


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    Mathew KarnalWritten by Mathew Karnal

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