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Poem about growing up warm


By Dylan M ParkinPublished about a year ago 6 min read


Go to a place where there are few people, an island is best. Live in a house with a loft, which has tatami mats, a desk, a kitchen, and cats and dogs to keep each other company. It would be nice to have a gentle neighbor with the sea nearby. It would be nice to have a comfortable and unrestrained relationship without making too many friends. My ideal, unencumbered, lifetime.


I want to go far away on a warm day. The radio is soft music, outside the window is the golden ginkgo leaves, leaning on your shoulder, time also becomes slow.


I am a greedy person, will enjoy the cool breeze after work for a while after getting off the subway, will enjoy the cool breeze while glancing at the orange and pink sky, will listen to my favorite songs while walking, will think of you for a while longer while listening to the songs.


I want to go out with you in the evening, you ride me together, we shuttle between the hustle and bustle of the city and the changing neon lights, together watching the pink sunset and the gentle sunset, the evening breeze through your hair and collar, I gently hug your waist, my heart is like eating candy as sweet.


I also want to go to live on an uninhabited island, logging, fishing, and animals as neighbors, sitting on the beach every day and waiting for the sunset. If one day I miss the people, I will invite you to be my guest under my fruit trees. When I say goodbye, I will give you a red hibiscus seed and ask you to plant it by the window when you get home. Life here may not be the best, but it's never too bad.


I want to go to far away places, to see the soft and beautiful mountains, fresh water, on the journey and the same seat to talk about dreams, talk about life, exchange the names of lovers, the world is vast, everywhere can be wandering, if you agree, I would like to shake off a star, from now on long sleep in your heart.


I ran to catch a sunset, and then met a kind old grandfather, a girl running with headphones, and a neighbor walking his dog, whose dog seemed to like me, wagging its tail towards me, and when I opened my hands to it, it was running towards me ~ the lovely encounter was more gentle than the sunset.


Every time I walk home from the subway station is the most relaxing moment. The sun is setting, the evening sun is sinking, the noisy and noisy streets, the crowd coming and going, listening to the music in the headphones, looking at the vendors on the side of the road, suddenly feel that this kind of traffic on earth is worth living.


I miss the summer vacation when I was a kid, lying on the floor in my nightgown, half asleep and half awake, with the fan blowing next to me, with a few flowery comics scattered around me, and no rush to write a name for my summer homework. Today mopped the floor, lying on the floor again, turned on the desk fan, today to do children, children sleep wake up to wear a skirt to buy cold drinks.


To a dusk, full of wind, and the sunset that is setting. If the wheat is just ripe, and the smoke of the cooking is rising just right. The dove flew against the water and perched on a reed. And the reed is just ready for a tune. So much, enough for me to love this broken and muddy earth.


I like you, like a cotton jacket deep in the cupboard, longing for the sunlight of the blue sky; like a strong wine that has been hidden for years, longing to be drunk with great enthusiasm; like a cloud in the sky that wants to kiss the waves of the sea; like the deep blue sea with whales spitting bubbles in it.


Weekend on the sleep until natural awakening, and then stay in bed to play with the phone, and so the sun gently cover the body, get up to make a breakfast of their favorite. The sun at noon to listen to music, or go to the supermarket to buy snacks, in the evening, ah, about the people you want to see in the corner of the sweet store blowing the evening breeze chat, hope that life will always be as sweet as red bean soup with taro dumplings.


I don't love car exhaust, I don't love horn blasts, I love the sound of cicadas, I love the sound of children running and laughing, I love fireworks, I love fried chestnuts and roasted groundnuts, I love the romance of winter, and I want to live my life slowly and leisurely.


I actually enjoyed the small distance from the classroom to the entrance of the school after the evening class. The lights of the tall buildings across the street are brightly lit, and few students are walking around, abandoning the noise of the day, naturally it is very quiet, listening to the wind and walking slowly, head up to see the moon and floating clouds.


I like to take the bus at six o'clock in the evening, the crisp sound of coins coming out of the coin slot, and people squeezing into the bus like sardines. The old grandfather leaning on his chair snoring, the man whispering to his wife that he is almost home, the high school student reading a book or listening to English, all different people are coincidentally getting on the bus to go home at the edge of the city's sunset, as if it is the time for people to be close together.


Some years later, I'm going to live with you in a small town at the bottom of the mountain where there are few people. Climb to the top of the high mountain in the early morning and go down to the market to buy vegetables and fruits. Cook and clean. Read a book in the afternoon. In the evening drink under the apricot trees and chat until the moon and dew are clear and cool. In my dreams, traveling to the empty valley where the rock crested fern flourishes, the sound of birds is crisp, and sleeping together under the trees in exhaustion. When I wake up, I am still young and you are not old.


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