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Poem 3

Faux Love

Rap Poetry

Love from hell fire.

Tired of fake people that show you love in your face but behind your back they really trying to take your place, or just straight hate. But fate gave me the upper hand to see and understand,every vibe around me while all are blind, I can see, behind the curtain,that you want this real MF to be hurting. For real your own brother will do you dirty if you don't stay woken, so listen to every word spoken. Because your friends will sneak diss or act like they was joking. But they dead serious and curious, on how you move the way you do, but they don't have a clue. They are nothing but clowns that's why I don't be around I just roll solo,cause if they see you doing good they on you like flies stuck to a rollo. Trying to ride your wave like they a surfer, that's when you turn to a shark and bite until every nerve hurt, on these pathetic perverts. They be 30 to 73 trying bag little girls that's 13. That shit bring me to the extreme,cause I got 3 sisters on my team. Thats why if I catch a weirdo spitting to either, they going feel the ether. Like N did J in stillmatic I’m going to show them straight madness,straight turn savage and kill them with the ox or the heat, cause you know when I pull out you don't want no beef. So stay in your lane because I ain't playin when it come to me or the fam. Fuck the glam and the flossing, I'm trying stack chips until I'm bossing, swimming in my money like I was Scrooge Mcduck so I don't give a fuck, you come for mine your ass better duck, cause I fly higher then launchpad mcquack when I'm ready to bomb and attack. But this ain't duck tale or a cartoon. I beat bafoons until they half past death, and then come back around and make sure nothing left. Not you or your crew or the goons you call fam,cause I straight drop bombs like I was from Sudan, or Iraq when I attack and get on beast mode, with a wave of the glock I make many MF’s fold. From a youngin I was told fear no man throw hands or swing swords like Conan, and if they got the ratchet in hand fall back wait for the time you have the upper hand. Them people don't understand I was trained by the old school and the OG's cause they seen the man and the boss I could be. That's why I say fuck the streets I rather stay home and eat. Cause I get it by any means while they posting memes, I’m getting this bread but I never let it go to my head, I stay humble like K said. Flashy guys get the attention but forget to mention they the first to get blast for they shit like red dead redemption. Pay attention to these lines I'm giving you, so you have a clue who with it, and who trying to split your wig, because they who you roll with be the first to snap like a twig. Also I admit I'm a rookie but in this rap poem shit, but my knowledge make me hotter than dog shit.That I can teach you a thing or two about the rules, and regulations cause shit ain't a game this ain't PlayStation my G, keep your eyes on your prize and watch your back cause they will surprise when they want your demise. You have be ready for everything and anything because death could be waiting with his sickle to take you to the land of the dead and that shit don't tickle. Have you screaming Lord save me but they ain't no answer cause the life you live is worst than cancer, so take note now and begin a fresh chapter before all you hear are the demons laughter, when you in the hell fire that inferno that melt your skin off like you seen the lost ark and didn't close your eyes and now your blood boiling until your demise so look in my eyes and see I spit straight truth,wether I'm in the house,the hood or the fucking booth. So what you going to do, shoot the messenger or accept the damn truth, that them same guys you run with will turn on you real quick, when it come to the root of all evil that all mighty dollar, they will set you up and spank you like your father. Do I need to go farther to get it in your head that for the right amount of bread you own family will want you dead. This shit has been for told,many times starting from hundreds of years ago. Like Julius Ceaser was killed by his own fam,the senate, and the those on his right hand. So try to understand every man ain't your friend or dude, even if they part of your crew cause once you doing better than them that's when that family and that friendship shit end. They start to pretend and fake smile and dab but they just plotting and waiting to snatch up what you have. So stay woken even with the ones you be smoking, because they'd be quick to slit your throat wide open. Leave you gushing in the same spot where loyalty was spoken. Need I say more is your eyes and ears open. Or do I need to tell you once again stay woken. Aware of all of you dare. As once you do open your eyes you’ll see the truth of the fake love that is there...


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Alfred Cosme
Alfred Cosme
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Alfred Cosme

I write as a hobby. Mostly as hobby to pass time. I do a lot of reading and research and formulate theories, history, and more. I love the writing process and also always have been a poet. I write a lot of poetry✌🏼❤️

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