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Pluto in Scorpio

by MALE AMATEUR 4 months ago in surreal poetry · updated 2 months ago
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Hades (Άδης) and Millennials (Gen Y)

Pluto in Scorpio
Photo by Leon Pauleikhoff on Unsplash

I see a royal blue scorpion there.

Out of the television screen, it jumps.

"We're made of zeros and ones: take your lumps,"

it says before it stings me with its care.

"The television used to be my lair,

but now it seems like all Truth's in the dumps."

Perhaps your coded venom is the cure.

Through underground tunnels, it streams and pumps

simulacra of wisdom through my mind.

From this bitter serum, my spirit heals.

What if the Truth is not something you find

or buy like two last easy fast food meals?

The beast's synthetic drug confers a kind

of gambler's joy as I spin Fortune's wheel.

I can't always rely on festive fun

and games to wake my soul up from its sleep --

or make amends before my life is done

surreal poetry

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