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Please, Protect Little Boys

by Thavien Yliaster 5 months ago in slam poetry · updated 5 months ago
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We'd never wish the harm unto us, to be done unto you.

Please, Protect Little Boys
Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Protect little boys

We're not protected

We're stripped

We're neglected


Protect little boys


I am biased

'Cause I used to be a little boy

I am not being defiant

I have no ulterior motive to employ

Protect little boys


We are misplaced

We are defaced

We are disgraced

There is a war on us that is trying to have us erased

Please, protect little boys


We have dignity

We have shame

We have powers against us assigning the blame

We have wants

We have needs

We have our cries being abandoned to, never taken heed


We are not protected

We are under attack

These assaults are directed

We feel as if no one has our back


We are stripped

Made bare to be laughed at and mocked for all to see

They laugh keeping us enslaved in chains and whipped

The world gives us no permission of any privacy


We are neglected

We are not saying that your issues are not important too

We wish to be to be protected

Why? 'Cause we desire the same for you


Please protect little boys

They come in all shapes and sizes

They come in all ages

From the lame to the wisest

Please, Protect little boys

It's difficult to wipe off our tears

Please, Protect little boys

Please, do not dismiss us for our fears


I hear a man crying softly aloud

I hear a man crying deeply in the background

I hear a man crying, I must follow the sound

I hear a man crying. His tears are not something that which he is proud.


I walk to him.

I talk to him.

I hope that I can bring him a little joy.

Please excuse me now, as I must go protect another little boy.

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Thavien Yliaster

Thank You for stopping by. Please, make yourself comfortable. I'm a novice poet, fiction writer, and dream journalist.



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