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Plank Walk

by Ecarg Nosive 4 years ago in sad poetry
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Karma’s Kraken Will Stop

Walk on me like a plank to the sea

Walk on me and make me bleed

Walk on me, I’ll say sorry

Walk on me, it’s you I believe

Don’t step lightly I can take your greed

Don’t step lightly I’m more than crushed leaves

Don’t step lightly, you know you don’t care about me

Don’t step lightly, it’s always me left to grieve

Stomp so hard I’m flattened to smithereens

Stomp so hard my organs shout please!

Stomp so hard until I can’t feel anything

Stomp so hard I don’t want to feel anything

Crush my heart, you already succeed

Crush my heart, go ahead and feed

Crush my heart you never wanted me

Crush my heart, I should have saw it from the start but I was so very weak

You walk a plank made out of more than just me

It could be miles wide if you just gave the attention your admirers need

We’re not as hard as we may seem

We still hurt when you step on we

Love us maybe

But too many at once

Unless you’re poly

You just want one love

It’s so gaudy to lean on all of us

To look at the sea

And never ponder on what was

You kiss us lightly and leave us wanting more

Tread on our grief

We never leave, we’re constantly begging as your floor

Yet if one day we get tired of being your chore

We can over ride you and leave you even lonelier than you were before

Once we stand up

We will be quite sore

But it’s you that will be left with nothing

Unless you make it to the shore

Because once your plank is gone beneath your feet

The oceans tides are yours to keep

Swim in all your misdemeanors

We’ll all laugh and say

“See it hurts!”

You’ll cry and plead to us but

Sink you will

Walk you won’t

You’ll have nothing once you jump the boat

The kraken won’t just kill you at most

Tentacles around your pretty throat

You could have held just one devote

But now you’re suctioned to our lost hope

Goodbye almost lover of all of these folks

Goodbye daunting scarlet

No ones left to hear your final moans

At last no one wants to

At last you’re alone

Karma’s kraken, will now take you home

sad poetry

About the author

Ecarg Nosive

I'm a 25 year old writer from Ohio trying to make my passion, my career. Besides writing I enjoy animals, nature, and concerts.

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