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Pixelated Realms

A Poetic Journey Through the World of Video Games

By RamyaPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

In pixels and sprites, I find my delight,
A virtual world where I can take flight.
I wield a controller with nimble might,
And enter a realm of endless sight.

The screen comes alive with color and sound,
As I journey through kingdoms and towns.
I face off against foes, both great and small,
And triumph with every victory's call.

My heart races as I reach each new level,
My skills honed and sharpened like a treble.
With every step, I am pushed to excel,
To beat the game, to ring the final bell.

For in this realm, I am the hero,
My spirit unbroken, my will aglow.
And though the game may end, I'll never let go,
For the memories and triumphs will forever flowStart writing...

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