Pieces of Heaven

by Michael Rose about a year ago in inspirational

Seen Taking a Greyhound to the Next Town

Pieces of Heaven

Ice cream scoop clouds melt in a sea salt sky,

Twilight glimmers through the thick forest

While the shadows of mountains cradle me.

Why am I leaving here?

The stars get sleepy, kept up by streetlights.

And these light bulbs may reveal what goes on here

But they don't reach the other side of the tracks.

Why do I go there?

Clouds of mosquitos and moths hover round

Red lights. In shadows, kids play cops and robbers.

Now I hear my greyhound brake:

This is my stop.

I step off the bus, I look around.

I see beauty here. The streets aren't spotless,

It is no sleepy hollow. But I see life all at once.

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