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When peril happens it's a swift movement

merging a bond posing as truth and a selfishness posing as innocence.

The concoction hits my stomach.

My mind calculates its potency.

My mind's eye converts triggered memories into explosive defenses.

Is it my responsibility to convert my insecurity into honest reason

even though the ignorant ears attached to begging mouths

refuse to face their own quarrels with reason?

What is reason to peril?

It brings us to our wit's end and our heart's last bit of wholeness.

Aren't we aware the response to peril is a skill we can master?

When that happens, I imagine a swift, unconditional love.

Truly, that's all I want.

For that swift movement to stop poisoning us and

teach us to heal.

sad poetry
Kris Leliel - Authentikei
Kris Leliel - Authentikei
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Kris Leliel - Authentikei

Kris Leliel, mystic and creative spirit, loves to write about metaphysics, the occult, and literature, especially horror. Their debut horror short, "Autonomy Bleeds Black" is available on Kindle and other eBook platforms.


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