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Peaches and Cream

by Katie 3 months ago in inspirational
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Peaches and Cream
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It has already begun.

The pushback.

The daily declarations of distaste towards people like me.

How dare we try to live a life out in the open.

How I long to scream at them, to shout at them, my hatred of their hate.

I live amongst them, unknown. I work amongst them, hidden.

I try to disarm them, daring to stand up for people like me. Gaining sideways looks from them for doing so.

Some day I may find the courage to stand openly, unabashedly against their small minded view of my people.

But its not all peaches and cream.

Their hatred is real, their prejudices are real, and ingrained deeply.

They hold tightly to their belief that they are in the right, that they are better people. For hating.

So why must I lose all, to gain what should be easily achieved?

I don’t need or want parades, I don’t want special considerations.

What I want, is to live as I feel I must.

Yes, I’m transgender, now leave me alone to live my life. As I do yours.


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Really just an amateur trying my hand at this.

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