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Paying Homage

For the Resilient

By Terowi MarshallPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

You are the perfect embodiment of Mother Nature

Skin dark and moist like the rich soil of our motherland, yet glistening like the stars that people wish upon

Luscious dreads hang down hugging your spine like vines hanging from the trees

Curves like the river that flows through the valley of the shadow of death that you have no fear of

Woman, you are everything

Water gently running down your body like dew drops from the leaves

Your fluorescent aroma lingers as you walk away

Such a breath of fresh air, like that breeze you catch on a hot day

A soul so beautiful; a phoenix from the ashes

The ability to destroy yet you choose to be gentle

Soft, unique like Calla Lilies

With the ability to move mountains

With lips that taste of cocoa beans, and eyes that penetrate my soul like handcrafted daggers; you can have all of me

I love you queen

nature poetry

About the Creator

Terowi Marshall

Art is life. With each poem I write, there’s a piece of me in every one

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