For Disaster


I often wonder if my path is a math equation for disaster

I pine after connection and joy

I hope others don't see it as a ploy to escape difficult work

I choose to use the tools of meditation and loving congregation for improvement of my current situation

I never wish to Harm or to slack, one thing I might lack is a Clear sense of where to go but that is something I will hopefully know as I progress forward

I sing songs of love, they ring true to me

I see discomfort and offer my hand

I never planned this to be my life

I notice strife and the world is rife with it, that fermenting feeling that we are all reeling towards some problem we can't fix

I miss happiness and wish to bring it out of others

I imagine opportunity for unity, and it saddens me that's unimportant in our community

I am a puny bee in a dark little tree and inside of me is a seed of love

Everyday I try and plant it

I find mistakes in my techniques and attempt again, continuing once I reprimand my erroneous ways

I sulk for days and days about the discomfort around

I listen to the sounds of great men speak of a love that will never end

I bend my mind everyday in the hopes flexibility comes my way

I grow towards those who support me

I destroy those who fix me into a place with no space where I face a paradigm that is strange

I mind a lot

And I thought I could make this life easier

But I wonder if my path is racked with difficulty before I find the comforting light

I want someone to bring me the answers

I want someone to help me find my answers

Nicholas Goodman
Nicholas Goodman
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Nicholas Goodman

Poet. Writer. Avid Tea enthusiast. Truth seeker. Love maker. Wondering what makes the world smile and how I can create that in words.

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