by Rebecca Mahar about a year ago in surreal poetry

I can't move.


My breath clouds my

glasses and only my

eyes can search anymore.

I want to rip my

own heart out of my

shattered chest.

The monster in the corner

looks so much like you,

but I’m not sure


I can’t tell if I’m

breathing or not

but the movement in my

stomach isn’t my


The static around me

is making my ears

ring and my vision


I want to scream

but if I do,

what will happen to you?

I just want you here,

but I can see you walking


The countdown begins

in my head but

I don’t recognize the numbers.

The voices distort

and I can’t see

you anymore.

Please, come back.

Let me have control again.

surreal poetry
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Rebecca Mahar

Hi there! I love writing and anything really creative and so I figured I'd try my hand here at writing poems and possibly stories. Everyone needs a hobby, right?

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