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Paper Earth

by Christopher Foster 3 years ago in surreal poetry

Am I real?

What if i am but an imagination of another? A character written by some unknown entity. Do I really breathe? Do I feel and touch? Is my story a tale of caution? Could it be that my life experiences are meant to help teach unknown readers how not to be? Am I the hero of the story or a nameless face in a crowd of ultimately more interesting script? Had the Author not breathed life into my character, would I still be? Perhaps we all sit, waiting in an inkwell, praying to be chosen by the hand that guides the pen. Just hoping that we are placed where we need to be on this paper Earth.

surreal poetry

Christopher Foster

I was born on May 16, 1988. I’ve started several stories that will probably never be published. I enjoy painting and playing music. I’m married to an amazing woman and I am thankful for her and her constant support in my endeavors.

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Christopher Foster
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