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Pan That Palette

by Amanda Zylstra 4 years ago in social commentary

This poem is about being happy with what you already have and not buying new items that you don’t need.

We are taught as children to always want the next best thing.

Radio ads and Television tell us all the things we want to buy and that we need these items to fit in with society.

Life is about using credit cards to buy happiness.

And we are not cool if we don't own all this stuff.

It's never about financial planning and putting money away for later.

It's about living impulsively in each moment.

Needs versus wants are never discussed until you are bankrupt.

Until you are so far in the hole that there is no going back.

As Americans, we live in a wasteful mindset.

We don't see how our actions will affect our futures.

Or maybe we just don't care.

We live in the moment.

If we all went on a no buy our economy would fail.

Retail stores would go out of business.

Banks would not need to loan anyone any funds thus not being able to buy their employees lobster dinners or trips to Disney Land.

Advertising puts in our mind that we need a new cell phone, a 65-inch TV, and fancy skincare.

Without these things, we will not be accepted.

Without these things, we will be happy with what we already have, and no one wants to know that happiness can be found in minimalism.

A minimalism mind has less clutter.

It only has the components needed to live.

There is no extra fluff.

No extra need for these things that are being pushed on us by the media.

At what point do the items you own now own you?

No matter how much you have, you will never find happiness.

You will always want more even if you have no place to put it.

You will buy a larger house for your stuff.

Why do beauty bloggers have a need to unclutter ten eyeshadow palettes a year that are barely even touched?

How much money would they have in the bank had they not purchased these items in the first place?

Pan that palette.

Use up what you already have instead of buying more to clutter your bathroom and vanity with.

Dare to go on a no buy and say enough is enough.

Items do not dictate to me what my value as a person is.

Pan that palette.

This should not be a challenge.

It should be a way of life.

*This poem is featured in "Peeling Sanity."

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