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A Poem About LGBT+ Pride

By Jaz LeighPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
Top Story - September 2017

'P' is for people,

'Cause that's what we are.

We all have the same blood,

Same organs, same heart.

'R's for respect;

It's what we should give.

That's what we've been taught

Since we were kids.

'I's for individual.

It's what we should be.

No one's like you

And no one's like me.

'D's for diversity.

It's what we require.

Unfortunately there are people

We still need to inspire.

'E's for equality.

Which we're yet to achieve.

So allies included,

Support us please.

This is my poem

About LGBT Pride.

Embrace your identity.

We have nothing to hide.


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Jaz Leigh

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