Overlapping Scars

by Angel LaVey 11 months ago in heartbreak

A Poem

Overlapping Scars

The bruises are gone

The breaks have healed

But I still jump at noises

Certain phrases make me panic

Will it ever go away?

Will my mind ever heal?

Already it’s been three years

I still get very scared of anger

The silent treatment induced panic has not changed

I seem to find eggshells to walk upon with practiced ease.

You changed me forever and not for the better. You claim to be the victim, perhaps we both were.

Fifteen years we were together the abuse crept in a little at a time when I look back; I’m amazed I accepted it aghast at what was. Floored by your cruelty.

I’ll never be as I was before we met.

I will never get to be that naive again.

However I owe you thanks.

Thanks for opening my eyes.

Thanks for making me stronger.

Thanks for taking my naivety.

Thanks for teaching me what not to accept.

Thanks for leaving. Stay gone.

I move past that trauma a little at a time. It tries to follow but I won’t let it.

I will keep moving until it is a million miles from me, but I will hold on to the lessons because I earnt them.

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