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Our Hopes for the Future

An Attractive poem about our hopes for the future.

By Gopinath.RPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In the future, I hope to see

a world that's truly free

from hatred, war, and strife

and all the pain that mars our life.


I hope for clear and sunny skies

where the birds sing melodies to rise

where the flowers bloom in bliss

and the trees hug each other in peacefulness.


I hope to see the oceans clear

where all the fish and coral reefs appear

to shine a light on nature's beauty

and help us all remember our duty.


But most of all, I hope to see

humanity in peace and unity

where love and kindness rule our hearts

and everyone plays their part.


For only then can we truly thrive

and make this world a beautiful place to abide

let us come together, hand in hand

and build a future that we all understand.


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