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Our guides

by r3v3r13 2 months ago in surreal poetry

Those intuitive feelings of a deeper truth...are as alive as you are.

Our guides
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It is in the Creation of our Problems

That our

solutions Manifest

It stands to reason then that to solve a problem

We must own it.

Not like a sweater

More like our Love for someone


Our desire to be better

We must become One

Unite with our "Foe"

Once done,

Our limitations dissipate like smoke

And in their wake

new Constraints

sprout in the soil of our minds

new Toils arise to which we bind

our limited time.

These are not our enemies.

These are our guides.

They wait ever patiently

for our recognition.

Spurring us into action with visceral reaction

Forcing us onto our backs

and faces

until we find traction

in the spaces

we've been avoiding.

Denying our anointing.

Resisiting the undeniably annoying reminders

of the blinders we wear to avert the gaze of truth

Its eyes serene

empty of force

and whole

stare back unceasingly




Radiating the shared knowledge that avoidance is


The only evidence we have

of a greater reality

Outside of our minds.

In these times especially,

It is essential

to recognize

That these our are guides.

surreal poetry
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