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Origami Flowers Cannot Survive a Real Winter

A poem

By catchafrisbiePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo Courtesy of catchafrisbie


lost between sheets of paper with problems I do not understand.

And days that never seem to end,

but do not last long enough.

I am a contradiction , waiting

to be unfolded from the

flower you made me into

from a piece of origami.

I want to be a bird, so

I can fly away,

because this winter is so cold.

And I have withered,

my roots are all that I have left,

but even they have cut me off.

I dream of so much more,

but I feel fragile and unsure,

so I wait for something to happen.

Or someone to save me and

plant me somewhere safe,

and take care of me.

Or do I unfold myself?

So I can fly away

and make a new home.

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