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Only Careful Dreams

except on Wednesdays

By Sam Eliza GreenPublished 16 days ago Updated 16 days ago 2 min read
Top Story - November 2023
photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels

In the circus of my mind,

there is a posted sign

with inky, curvy lines:

only careful dreams.

A stifling reminder

I must consider, always.

Careful, like tiptoeing over

broken glass, biting your cheek

so the universe

won’t know you’re suffering

or wondering

if clouds are really as feathery

as in your dreams.


Tap, tap, tap.

Three times feels best.

How could I crave


from these obsessions

that hold me

like a newly-wed who finally

owns everything?

And space doesn’t matter

because we’ve never felt closer,

so close we don’t know

who is who.


It’s easy to lose

yourself in fantasies.

Repetition helps

when you can’t tell

what’s real or really

good at pretending to be.

So, it’s better

just to make sure

you won’t catch the

house on fire

by swearing off candles,

or the kitchen stove,

or anything fun

because fun isn’t careful.

Can it be?

Forget everything

you know about dependency.

This special shade of gaslight

will have you questioning

anything that might

happen or already

has, but you can’t be sure

until you check, check, check.

Do you remember

when you dreamt

about that greedy sickness

and then it surfaced


I know it feels awkward

not to catastrophize

or lie on your spine,

but you should at least

cover your eyes

when you sleep

or you might

experience things

that don’t make sense.

Wake up, wake up, wake up.

This isn’t real, or is it?


About the circus of my mind,

I won’t claim to know


but if we unwind

the careful dreams,

and anxieties,

and restless fingers,

we might discover

that the broken glass

was really bubble wrap.

Every circus

needs a clown throwing

pies as much as acrobats,

and if you’re too busy obsessing,

you can forget how to breathe.

In the circus of my mind,

there is a freshly

painted sign:

only careful dreams,

except on Wednesdays.

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About the Creator

Sam Eliza Green

Wayward soul, who finds belonging in the eerie and bittersweet. Poetry, short stories, and epics. Stay a while if you're struggling to feel understood. There's a place for you here.

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Comments (13)

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  • Naveed13 days ago

    Stellar effort! Keep up the extraordinary work—congratulations!

  • Daphsam14 days ago

    Absolutely wonderful poem, you’ve really used wonderful imagery to make your words come alive. 

  • Teresa Renton14 days ago

    ‘Every circus needs a clown throwing pies as much as acrobats’ loved this image (along with many others!) in your wonderful poem. Congratulations on TS! 🥳

  • Grz Colm14 days ago

    I liked the surrealist approach at times and all the many meaning here. Unique work! 👏

  • Ruby Red14 days ago

    i also have my own world in my mind...mostly a mix of the novels i've read so far. reading things such as this unique poem is what helps me escape. <3

  • Joelle E🌙14 days ago

    I felt this one ❤️ thanks for ur beautiful honesty

  • Mr Ahsan15 days ago

    Incredible poem. I really love the poem. Best wishes with you send blessing ❤️

  • Margaret Brennan15 days ago

    My mother always referred to me as a realist. I never expect anything and therefore I'm never disappointed. Mom never knew of my little fantasy land. That's what I call it, anyway, a small place in my mind as I lay in bed waiting for sleep. I can fantasize about anything - do anything, be anything, without blame or repercussions. GREAT poem ... Love it.

  • Suze Kay15 days ago

    Such beautiful words here. I’m obsessed with this poem!! I definitely know the feeling of cautiously moderating my hopes so I don’t feel disappointed in the end.

  • I love the circus theme a lot. Very well written piece 💓🥰🥰😍😍😍

  • Whoaaaa, this was so profound, thought provoking and powerful! Such an awesome poem!

  • Hannah Moore16 days ago

    This is amazing! I'll bet that bubble wrap was laid down to cover something half broken already.

  • Mackenzie Davis16 days ago

    Oh, Sam, this is STUNNING. Literally speechless. ... Careful dreaming... How suffocatingly you wrote this, yet so rapid-step as well. I'm immensely affected by this poem, the technical parts are incredible, metaphors, the ending, wordplay...and the emotional side too, the themes of identity here, coping with wanting more but restraining the feeling, the manifestation of unhealthy thinking, the structures built to alleviate and protect...UGH. No exaggeration: This is one of the best poems I've read on here.

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