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Online Shopping

Shop Local

By Judey Kalchik Published 3 months ago 1 min read
Online Shopping
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Many companies

have a lovely website filled with enticing products.

Many companies

also have lovely stores filled with enticing products


well-trained people that live in the community.

Send their kids to local schools,

pay local taxes,

pass us in the parks/malls/churches/gyms.

Online is fun for window shopping.


when I have the chance,

I prefer to shop in a local store.

I get it.

I do.

I work weird hours.

Come home tired.

No time to shop.

Online is easy.

But I'll make no connections with my neighbors by shopping online.

I'll get no new ideas.

Find out no new trends from a professional.

Get no insider advice.

If you get the choice,

please look online and buy local.

The amount of online shopping these past three days broke records!

And online can expand the world for many people- I’m not against online shopping.

But, like salt, a little accomplishes a lot

And a lot can ruin everything.

(PS. Local is a shop in your neighborhood.

Local can be a chain store.

Chain stores employ local people!)


Comments welcome! What is your favorite online purchase? What is the best in person shopping experience you’ve had, and why?

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  • Hope Martin3 months ago

    I love this. I agree! As a small town businessowner.. well. as someone who used to, I had to close down my brick and mortar thrift store because I didn't get enough foot traffic. Most of my sales were online anyway. I was sad to see my shop go, but in the end, it made more sense to cut out expenses I wasn't making enough to cover because people around my town don't really shop locally.

  • My favorite online shopping tends to be for movies & seasons of tv shows (admittedly, on Black Friday). My favorite local shopping tends to be in restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. & interacting with the wait staff, doing what I can to make their day a little lighter & brighter.

  • Online shopping definitely saves a lot of time. But I don't like it because I'm always so worried they'd send me a damaged product. Lol

  • Cathy holmes3 months ago

    Online is easier. I do like to go our to the stores though. A little of both for me.

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