One Side Conversation

by Christian T 11 months ago in sad poetry


One Side Conversation

Alone i sit never in the mood to speak not cause i'm grumpy but because its like they never listen. Talking and talking just to end up walking and walking wishing for gray skies cause that's the only thing i seem to like

Attention i'll give make you feel loved i'm here please don't make this be another mistake. Do you ever listen it's like i'm not even here hello! hello! I scream and yell yet you choose to walk so i run just to realize you weren't even here

Alone in this mind i can barely control what's real and what's not feels like i'm a prisoner at war and this war is myself. This body is my cell and these words are my life listen to these verses cause if it never left my tongue then it was all a lie

I know how to fight the demons, get them all retreating, these nightmares keeping me awake telling me i'm a mistake.

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