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One Last Hope

by Jason Giecek 5 months ago in sad poetry

Poetry for the Soul Rewrote #VocalNPM

One Last Hope

I am but a blighted tear,

Flung from the sky,


To fall to the ground,


So no one can see my pain

An instant,

A Minute in time,

A day,

A day to remember,

To contemplate,

To see,

To hear,

To feel that pain,

A day,




To flee?





Here I stay,

Trapped inside my mind,

One last hope,

Dashed upon the rocks,

Torn the flesh,

Bone exposed,

To try,

To flee,

To run away,

One last day,

I do not dare to say,

Those words,

To break that mighty chain,

Good night,

Good night,

Sweet day,

Good night,

That chance,

To perchance dream,

Good night.

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