One Foggy Evening

by Migdalia Torres about a year ago in vintage

Graveyard Poem

One Foggy Evening

One Foggy Evening

of dry mist and snow

I saw a strange lady

walking in a Black Cape

on her way to her Grave

As she turned into the Icy Forest

I could see she was not alone

For a Kind Old Gentleman

had to shield her from the Ice Pellet Storm

That is when I turned to see a Graveyard smiling back at me

Two lost Souls in the Foggy Mist will now lay in a restful sleep

Take care, young lady and kind Old Sir

For I am praying for both your lost souls

It must have been a bitter life for you both which you lead

until this Guardian Angel will lay you both to rest

Migdalia Torres
Migdalia Torres
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