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Once Upon A Time

Spoken Word

By Valerie RosePublished 6 years ago 1 min read

Once upon a time in a far away land

was born a little girl against her father's command

however she was raised with love and care

in a nation filled with poverty and despair

they never thought she would grow up to be what she is today

a young woman filled with talent she would hide away

from the mediocrity of this world, she was unique unlike all

her other siblings who stick to the status quo

but being a girl from where she is

it would be hard to get in the entertainment business

seeing all those white faces

hey I'm not being racist, but just give her chance

and she'll show you that she can enhance

the beauty in her voice, the fire in her eyes

just give her a chance and you'll be mesmerized

she fought through trauma at a pretty young age

but everyone goes through shit but hey that ain't the message

that I'm trying to convey

see what I'm trying to say

is that the world we live in is all for equality

but open up the curtains and may be glance at reality

because that isn't the case

she can be whatever she wants, and with all clarity

I mean not be discriminated against colour gender or disability

but I guess it's the world we livin' in

and no she won't be givin' in

social commentary

About the Creator

Valerie Rose

Journalist. Artist. Poet.

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