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Once Predator Twice Prey

by McKenzie McQuade about a month ago in surreal poetry
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A nature poem

Once Predator Twice Prey
Photo by Federico Di Dio photography on Unsplash

Boldly you held out your hand with the sweetest of treats

Graciously I lapped from your palm

Unsuspecting of the one hidden behind your back

Swiftly just before that hand was cleaned

You'd had me snared and tied to a tree

My vision was blurry and my howls were mute

From the sweetness poisoning my tongue and throat

The moon beckoned but I could no longer call

For every night you would return with that treat glistening in your hand

And you would smile as I'd ravenously slurped it away

But one day I'd noticed you'd left me with a little less than before

I'd craved more

But the next night was still a little less than before

Until one night you appeared before me empty handed

My vision now clear

I could see what was truly before me

Not a man but a rabbit

Not a predator of me but prey

That's when you realized your illusionary snare had faded away

I would choose your fate today

That's when chase gave way and I watched you dive down the rabbit hole

Thinking you're so clever and bold

But I was far wiser and much kinder

I turned to the pile of dirt you's shoveled out to make that hole

And nudged it all carefully back into that empty space before sauntering away

Leaving you to rest in peace

surreal poetry

About the author

McKenzie McQuade

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