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On The Border Of Two Worlds

by Mirrelle Beneffitte 26 days ago in social commentary

Dual citizenship

Photo by Liuda Brogiene on Unsplash

I didn’t know that while learning a new language

I will forget how to use my mother tongue

But it’s not about communication

Just the ability to feel the same

As my countrymen

Left there and here only recalling

A worse version of

Who they possibly could become

If only they spoke the real vocabulary

Not imitating the sounds of the country

That gives them bread on their tables

That educates their children, giving them more hope

I could ever dream of

British nationality, the thing I crave for

It is in the people of my country

Of immediate reach

They navigate and balance between two countries

Like me, only on a strange level of ignorance

And finding everything they need

Within a scope of my country’s steps

Food, connections, relationships, transportation

All of this must come from

Their own country

As if they live there and not here, so what are they thinking about

Earning a soundproof pound stability for their families?

I guess it’s a different state of mind

In the same country that feeds us

And it provides services

As well as the law for our foreignness


18 September 2021

revised on 22 September 2021


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