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On screen today, B movie

Life with constant distractions outside my window. An acrostic poem

By Mescaline BrissetPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Ryan Kwok on Unsplash

Drawing blinds to avoid Peeping Toms’ volumes

I live in the shadow of a B movie on the screen ; sensationalism

Sexual orgies, sci-fi noir horror

To account for traffic raiding from behind

Reciprocal revenge, raging rave, echoing enormously

Argumentative voices shouting over slamming car doors, engine rpm and idling at critical point

Circulating the same triggers

Too rowdy and too insane ideas to be taken seriously

I can’t concentrate, words get lost

Only writing should dominate here

Noise nuisance obscured by mutated idiosyncrasies


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Mescaline Brisset

welcome to my world where everything fits together


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