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On Friday, August 28, 2020

by Jada Ferguson 2 months ago in social commentary

We Were Still Marching On Washington

Entry to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

It was simultaneously a communal and solitary spiritual dance; The clouds and the air were inhaling all we were emitting; The commitment we made, was not to be pushed aside and observed with a glance; All the voices, dreams, and afflictions stood together refusing to adhere to the ordinance of submitting; There was a stillness to the movement; An unbound presence melded with focused and tenacious aspirations; We laid out the issues that have and will always be this nations' most prevalent; Human beings abused, murdered and refused justice by a system that needs foundational renovations; The blueness of the sky from that afternoon is tattooed onto me; The stone from the monuments started chipping away to reveal the eyes of my ancestors; I pray the whole world could see; We were laying new groundwork for our successors; I breathed differently that summer day; All my complacency left to decay

social commentary
Jada Ferguson
Jada Ferguson
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Jada Ferguson
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