Old Friends Go

A Few Words That Helped with Letting Go of a Toxic Friend

Old Friends Go

How can you just go out of your way

To figure which couple to break today?

You thrive from fixing fights

With friends and characters alike.

The blame is yours but all the same

You enjoy living life this insane.

You say you’re taken, say you’re content.

Say you've never taken without consent.

Say what you will to please the room.

Only then can you truly bloom.

You bask in the filth that is your ego,

In with the new, and out the old friends go.

Why quarrel amongst favorable men

To clash against me, and concur to them?

Friends are a blessing and family all-around

Still, you run the good ones into the ground.

How does it feel to have finally been revealed

Of your many escapades and our friendship repealed?

How does it work?
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