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Oh, What Life Could Be Without a Fog

Growth, Love, Meditation, Spirit and Writing

By Andrea EstradaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Oh, What Life Could Be Without a Fog
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A Jog Releases the Fog

Oh, what a slob to live without a jog.

A jog in the fog.

A trudge through the sludge,

to find sand on dry land.

Will writers ever be truly

known to have a functioning job???

Playing in the mud, oh, what a fuddle to live in the middle of space and time.

To Be

What is it to be a writer?? What is it to be a reader??

They are not the same, yet shared similarities create conversations.

The enlightening and motivating ones, stories shared where you hear nowhere else, yet our hearts mingle in those character actions and emotions.


I am a writer, I must say - Oh my, what a craft it is to have a draft.

To have others acknowledge and advise me through making

the story as it grows and thrives into something beautiful and

mesmerizing ready to adore.


As a reader, I must express that I'm impressed without duress.

Oh, how my imagination leads me away to another's land invented so.

So inviting and ready to explore.

So, I explore and journey feeling with the character and topic as I learn and explore the environment and knowledge thriving there.


About the Creator

Andrea Estrada

I am a young, generous and optimistic individual. I love reading with imagination and writing with passion.

We share friendship and wellness, love and connection, imagination and emotion by envisioning, creating, writing and sharing stories.

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