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By Haychie_Artist

By Haychie_ArtistPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
Photo by Joe Vasquez on Unsplash

You started off by fricking lying

Acting like you’re mountain lion

Certain things you don’t agree

Capping like you got degree

Minds so high you know I’m flying

Invest In time you know I’m buying

Peaceful life Is what I see

With my rifle by the sea

But It’s cool just go do your thing

Careful when you hear your door ring

Separate lane Is obvious

We know who’s the snobbiest

I’m at home relaxed adoring

Spraying up a lot J’adioring

I was told the laziest

But I know the brainiest

Funny how the world Is crazy

Just like you you think I’m lazy

Patterned up my 9 to 5’s

& I love my cheese & chives

Switch my flow you know I’ll do

You can see what I see….

Let me show you you can see too

On the beat I say for free….

Hidden talent know one knows

But I no my writing shows

Back In school I did my thing see

Cos I’m cool become an emcee

Let me stand & give a pose

Understand? Oh yeah suppose

Jokes aside I write cos I’m right right?

Pick a side tonight for a bite bite

Wasn’t bothered yeah that’s you

I enjoyed a big Katsu

Mental strength you need I know that

You can see I wear my black hat

Cos It suits me very well

& I’m tied without a spell

Hope one day pattern up a backpack

Just for work & play that Black Jack

Playing games I like to win

Throw no names I need the bin

Sense of humour yeah I got that

What’s that rumour I got pressed at

Only pressing what I do

With my Iron need my Bru

I’ll end It off by saying proudly

Try those wings In Bow called Stroudly

Cheering up Is what you need

& I’m right oh yes Indeed

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About the Creator


I’m a new artist from London.

Writing and Rhyming Is In my heart.

Voice for the voiceless.

Instagram: @haychie_artist08

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