Off the Cuff

by cookie foot 2 years ago in sad poetry

Written in 5 minutes, do not read.

Off the Cuff

Sometimes I just have to write.

In a dull blur, it's a nice light.

I wish I could just let the words flow,

my brain moves so fast, my mouth so slow.

I used to be a master,

back when my brain was slow, mouth faster.

I used to not think, the words just came to me.

Now I have to perfect the art of just letting be.

I still have the same eyes,

I still tell the same lies.

you can't reciprocate child-like wonder,

who I was has begun to fall under.

Hidden behind a mask,

my contents are as secret as a pocket flask.

Pulled from the shirt pocket of a stumbling drunk,

the walls of my heart broke and sunk.

sad poetry
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