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of this universe

by Hayli Wilson about a year ago in surreal poetry

the complexities of my being

I am calm;

my heart beats to the hum of the birds

& I sway along with the trees standing steady and tall.

I am angry, enraged;

my breath spins tornadoes and sends tsunamis for shore,

it nourishes fires ravaging forests and flames crawling behind closed doors.

I am strong and I am powerful;

I am centered by the earth's core burning from within my chest,

& galaxies, both traveled and unknown, comprise my being - my mind, my body, my soul.

I am fragile;

my emotions rest on the tectonic plates

& my gut is an active volcano waiting to erupt.

I am beautiful,

sculpted from the dust of the stars,

& I am vast,

as deep as the corners of the ocean.

I sing the silence of the night

& I scream with the thunder.

I cry with the sky

& I run with the wind.

I fall with the leaves

but I grow like their branches.

The universe and I do not walk side by side -

I find her footsteps, letting her guide me along my way;

reminded as I make my through this world,

that I am of this world, as well.

surreal poetry
Hayli Wilson
Hayli Wilson
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Hayli Wilson
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