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by Melissa Eaves about a year ago in inspirational
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"faithful" a photo of mine

The sparkle of a smile

A sunset




“Indian Paintbrushes and A Missouri Stream” a photo of mine

A childs kiss

A moment unbroken

"lonely dandelion" a photo of mine

The gravity of a starry nights depths

The glow of moonbeams

In infinite caress of light

“Rainbow” a photo of mine

Adoration and awe

All intertwined in a breath



Through sheer panels

“Lit” a photo of mine

A window left open to summer nights

The smell of earth

Love and wisdom



Laced in its’ breadth

“Moon clouds” a photo of mine

Archaic Architectures

(nature and moon)

The wonder of history

In star gazing postures

The brevity and gravity of awe

“Daisies and the Mississippi” a photo of mine

A shared sacred and a mutual history

A dance, an embrace, a kiss

A song, a painting, and bliss

The compostition of a life is lived

“On love” a poem&photo of mine


About the author

Melissa Eaves

I am an freelance writer. I love the written word and the poetry of my soul is expressed by mastery of it.

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