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Ode to the Governor

A Death Row Love Story

By Bruce Curle `Published 2 years ago 1 min read
Ode to the Governor
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Ode to the Governor

I long for a woman I can't have,

She is a woman who dances in my dreams,

She is a woman I always think of,

She is a woman I want to

She is a woman I dream of making love to,

She is a woman I'd long to grow old with,

She is a woman I want to share my life,

She is a woman I'm forbidden to have,

She is the woman; I wish the State would free

She is the woman I cannot hide away with,

She is a woman that I must meet Between wire and steel

She is the woman I cannot sneak a kiss,

She is the woman listed by a coded number,

She is a woman; I pray the State will forgive,

She is a queen in the tower of our despair,

that knows how to love me,

Please oh please, Governor do let her go!

Authors Note - This poem was written in the late 1990s and sent to a Chaplin that fell in love with a Death Row Inmate.

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About the Creator

Bruce Curle `

A Fifty something male that enjoys writing short stories, scripts and poetry. I have had many different types of work over my lifetime and consider myself fairly open minded and able to speak on many topics.

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