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Ode to President Trump

Words from the undercurrents.

By Seb ReillyPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

Bind our wrists

or so you insist

to pull us into your inky mist

with a limp tentacle

that twists back

and creeps a track

a systematic attack

on facts for spectacle

backbone-free and weak

your sharp jabbing beak

snaps weak when you speak

your soft shell inflexible.

Such slithers still echoing

the slipped-self unsettling

appendage measuring

to assert your magnificence

but we spot the detail

as you flail

pale against the shale

screaming for dominance

underhand and overplayed

claims left unrepaid

sentence stayed

your branding is impotence.

Floundering hectic

siphoning worthless rhetoric

through static

as vulgar as we know

this is a show

no retracting

yet oscillating

a mollusc in waiting

you dragged your seat below

you’ve got to go.

social commentary

About the Creator

Seb Reilly

Writer, fiction author and occasional musician.


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