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Ode to Cheeseburger

This might make you hungry

By Jordan HarrisPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Cheeseburger, you are ever so tasty

Whenever I get cravings you are first on my mind

Your sesame seeded buns are always warm and flaky

They make toast look less appetizing

Your crispy lettuce and juicy tomatoes add flavor

Even if they sometimes tear apart easily

Your ketchup and mayonnaise give that tangy spark

Without that, you wouldn't taste as good

Your hamburger patty is always cooked to perfection

I usually take one patty, but two or three wouldn't hurt

And last of all, your can't be complete without your cheese

Your cheese is always the best part of you

Without your cheese you are nothing

So cheeseburger, I can't wait to eat you

And as long as I add you with fries and a drink

I can call it a day

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About the Creator

Jordan Harris

Just a 20 something college student trying to find his way in life. I'm new to the writing world so give me a chance.

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