Obesity And Corona


Obesity And Corona

Obesity and corona how are we to cope with both

Trying to getwell and on lockdown indoors

Laugh; there really is no hope

Eyes see food and want it, sweet creamy and fat

Even animals are over eating, My pussy is so fat

Corona and obesity is there any hope at all

Eating lots of sweet stuff stuck here climbing the walls

Washing hands with soap, exercise once a bloody day

The epidemics on the rise, please make it go away

Eating Mars Bars & Jaffa Cakes sat here feeling stuffed

Pounds going on almost every day, and i sm feeling rough

Corona makes us weak. on lockdown its a bore

Grab a pack of hobnobs eat them then go and get more

No exercise for 12 weeks, stay in bed watch tv and eat

By the time this thing is over I will too fat to stand on my feet

Corona play pack up and leave us, we need a normal life

Its easter; eggs are plentyful, I cant do this way of life

From size 10 to a 20, just over last few weeks I am fat

If it goeson for much longer I just wont give a dam nor willmy cat

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