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Now I Know My ABC's Another Way

Alphabet Snack

By Christian LeePublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
Now I Know My ABC's Another Way
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C? (a tambourine is stingin’-ringin’)

Down in the heart's waters

Entrances a myriad of univocal qualities,

Featuring The Jackson Five.

Gotta be a bag of fresh unrefined chips.

History for the making and baking.

Inspiration in its tenacity and crawl—


Known to yeast and spores.




Obscure dat dere...da


Quietude and plenitude

Reentering these whispering walls…

Solitude, the

Turn and turning of the widening



We dare dream in adversity. The

Xylophone (somebody someone or something else makes the “ultimatum” call)

Yearns all guests to our roof, our


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Christian Lee

My nom de plume is Lee Arachnid; think: spider-poet. Here you will find non-fiction and poetry. I interweave elements of nature and my personal experience into uniquely crafted stories. I love idleness, Felidae, literature, and soundscapes.

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Comments (1)

  • Anna 5 months ago

    This was fun!😅

Christian LeeWritten by Christian Lee

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