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Notification Bell of Love

Ode to YouTube reactors

By Rebecca MortonPublished about a year ago Updated 7 months ago 1 min read
Notification Bell of Love
Photo by Sebastian Pandelache on Unsplash

Alone in my home

Or escaping my kids,

There’s no better company

Than your reaction vids,

Whether you’re gasping at Hamilton

Or rocking to Queen.

And there isn’t a black-and-white movie

You’ve seen!

It’s all new to you,

Whether Gen Z or Boomer.

I don’t think you’re faking.

That’s only a rumor!

And after I’m through

Streaming all of Netflix,

I’ll re-watch it with you,

My reaction fix,

As you ask, “Who’s that actor?”

And, “What year is this from?”

I answer you out loud.

I don’t care if it’s dumb!

And when you cry and say you’ve never

Heard a voice like that before,

I feel such validation!

I’ve got to have some more!

And before you can say “Thanks, guys!

Smash that Like button! Hit that bell!”,

I’m subscribing to another reactor

Who just discovered Nell.

Reader, if no one in your home

Chokes up at music or old films' beauty,

YouTube reactors will feed your soul

Like the guy I’m now watching watch Rudy!



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About the Creator

Rebecca Morton

An older Gen X-er, my childhood was surrounded by theatre people. My adulthood has been surrounded by children, first my students, then my own, and now more students! You can also find me on Medium here: https://medium.com/@becklesjm

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