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by Stanley Lyte 2 months ago in surreal poetry
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Always Sunny Days In The Shade

Since early youth sunny days has been an essence unavoidable to my sense of recognition

since I have been getting my hustle on, and wearing a smile in public in renowned area searching for a way to get

through the commute without out fear I put on face mask to camouflage the public figure that I am

noting since early youth my chaperone waves to paparazzis, and fans to move out of way for being

already in my way to confront me with questionable remarks since early in youth attainable to me always is

to stay calm as I put on my prescription shades makes me almost unnoticeable to followers

relentlessly calling to find where I am for an autograph or co host on some kind of show since early in

youth my celebrity assistant advises taking measures keeping safety-n- health whenever with

residents in public while available I have keeping me shaded a retractable canopy -n-umbrella

safeguarding me from flashing camera lights and intensive rays of sunshine

since early in my youth camera man says have cast members stay in shade we’re not ready to roll-’em

to prevent messing up their makeup , also my costume wear before I am ready to start my script on stage

Poet: Stanley Lyte

Co: NoteRecites

surreal poetry

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Stanley Lyte

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