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Not Typical

by Kenneth Davis 4 years ago in slam poetry
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A Partial Native

A partial native (Native American)

To this land of hatred

Attached to a program

I stand outside of the matrix

My Observation

Farm animal orchestration

Unwillingly partaking

Some form of acceptance

To reach bliss

A hollow shell administration

Conducted by racist

You'd say that I'm rude

Cause my awakening

Didn't equate with yours

I'm human

And board

You're boxed in


Your analysis pending

It will remain

No pretending

Determined for greatness

My intelligence held sacred

Which you'd despise

We will collide

Such irrelevance

Doesn't coincide

Conveyed by contorted design

You've aligned yourself

That's no surprise

Inevitably fell

Your incompetence quelled

This ship I will build

Then set sail

Over open seas

At the helm

Discovering realms


your level of comprehension

At your discretion

No submission

The hatred is vivid

In my precognition

You're content

Laid like cement

While i transcend

Sanskrit manuscript

Conscious level

While i box with devils

Scarred body

Among carbon copies

More than several

Don't go against this temple

Of God

All hatred dissolved

With the sheep you applaud

No wonder

Frivolous blunder


I don't compute

With one sided attachment

Colour coordinated arrangements

Doesn't mean

I'm better than you

But gladly astute

Not a typical

Black man to you

slam poetry

About the author

Kenneth Davis

I'm grateful to have this gift. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share these with you. Thank you for your continued support.

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