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Not Okay In The Slightest

Behind The Smile

By MorbidlyCuteAriel LynnPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
Life has a grip tighter than death.

Angel wrapped in despair

her mind has fallen apart

can't recover much of her heart

just a gaping hole

where life once lived

happiness and joy too

gone without a clue

lost in a black abyss

memories of a different time

stitch together with a needle of pain

sewn deep in the chest

blotted out by bloody specks

open wounds spew like geysers

never really recovered

just one hell of a mess

little girl lost in the dust

forgotten how to sing

for her voice has dried out

desires lost to rage

broken eyes stay the same

hatred is what's left to gain

gone is the soul

of sweet bliss

left with only lifeless lips

and quiet regrets

all to be dismissed

by the angel that they will miss

all that remains

is the emptiness left behind

fought to the end

simply to lose

what's a girl to do

when the darkness is all that exists.

sad poetry

About the Creator

MorbidlyCuteAriel Lynn

Hey guys, my names Ariel. I'm an aspiring author! Writing is my passion, I hope to someday change the world with my words.

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