Not Broken

by Lalala Maclemore 11 months ago in heartbreak

Life plays to many games.

Not Broken


You treated me like nothing

When I was your everything

I thought I loved you

I was wrong

People said I needed to grow up


I did

I don’t trust

I can’t trust

loyalty is earned

Not given

Pride is driven

Power is everything

Needing to thrive is a crave

Emotions lost

Only given in the game

As payment

Until you talked to me

You said I was different

I gave you trust

Not much

Just enough

And you held on to it

You held on to me

Kept me safe

I was like I used to be



There was a emptiness

And you filled it

I’m not broken anymore

Not broken

How does it work?
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Lalala Maclemore

I love to read I’m a Tarusand I love this website where I come to read and write what I’m feeling I like poetry but I feel like I could do more. 

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