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No Time for Dragons

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By Vadim KaganPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
No Time for Dragons
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Time for dragons, they tell us, has passed,

Time for dragons, they teach us, is gone,

All the dragons, they tell us, are dust,

All the dragons are dust but the one.

One last dragon, the story is told -

And who knows if the story is right -

One last dragon is left in the world,

One last dragon with scales made of light.

One last dragon of fiery flame,

One last dragon of rainbows and scars,

He is old as the sun, goes the claim,

But in truth he is older than stars.

He has toppled the mightiest kings,

Fought the villains too many to score,

Now he has little use for his wings,

For the dragon won’t fly anymore.

He is mighty, but he is alone -

Even dragons get weaker with age,

All his scales have been dulled to the bone,

And his cave, full of gold, is his cage.

Dragons need other dragons to fly

Or a human that they could befriend,

But alone dragons fear the sky

And for them not to fly is the end.

When the last of the dragons is gone –

And remember, this one is the last –

Who will light up our tiring sun?

Who will tell us the tales of the past?

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About the Creator

Vadim Kagan

I believe that each day is a blessing, every story is amazing and all poems should rhyme!

Instagram: @whines_and_rhymes

Facebook: www.facebook.com/vadimkagan

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