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by Megan Lechelt 5 years ago in inspirational
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Note to Self


Don't ask questions-

The pain of the truth

Could be harder

Than to avoid


Don't hurt them;

They're stupid

Yet fragile as well

The chances they take-

You're not to cause pain,

Don't say no to them


It's okay,

You're allowed to be upset.

They cross your boundaries

Even when you beg & plea.

The pain you'll cause them

Doesn't compare to yours,

The tears you cry

Would never stream from their eyes

If you were to hold the key

Your body,

Your mind,

Your freedom.

Don't give it up to make someone happy.

They break you, they watch you squirm,

Wait until you can't take it anymore,

And leave with the pleasure

Of knowing they got you.

Say no;

You're allowed

Tell them how you feel,

You're allowed to leave

You're allowed to scream

Do what you need

To tell them-



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Megan Lechelt

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