Spent Alone


Douse me in what you think Love to be

And set me aflame

For I yearn for the heat of affection

Heart heavy with a scorned affliction

Wild soul left behind scorched and tamed

Restless nights under the city lights

Company of the voice in my head

Telling me things will be fine

Listening to music to pass the time

My chest seeping with dread

This was always meant to be days well spent

Not taking into account what weighed me down

Slowly watch a smile turn into a frown

A stranger walking away with a familiar scent

Now I can't say what passes my days

My only company is that old voice that hums to me

Listening to those same songs that feel so long

One day it will remain silent with the restless dead

A jumble of heavy bones without a bed

Douse me in what you think Love to be

And I'll set myself aflame

For you yearned for the touch of affection

While I get burned with false intension

An iron soul rises from the blaze

Created new for a different fate

How does it work?
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Matthew Hernandez

Writing as a way of reflection.

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