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Night, Oh Night

Why do you talk to the moon

By somsubhra banerjeePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Night, Oh Night
Photo by Josh Massey on Unsplash

Night, ohh that pitch-black dark night,

night, the friend of the moon, a constant companion,

night, don't you have time for this lone soul,

who stares, stares to you, asking for a moment,

just a moment from you, to converse,

to pour the heart out, with the crickets singing their usual song.

Soul, ohh lone soul, today I am alone,

its the new moon, and I am here to converse,

to converse only with you, but seem angry,

but what shall I do, the moon's alone too,

what can I do?

Night, ohh night, dense dark night,

you're of the moon, I know, but today, just today,

you're mine, today I can pour my heart out,

in your lap, I can rest my head, as you caress my hairs,

in your arms I hide my face, crying a soft muffled cry,

letting the teardrops flow like the kohl,

into the blackness, that is you.


nature poetry

About the Creator

somsubhra banerjee

Loves mountains, sea waves, old buildings, petrichor, sound of night crickets, haiku, kintsukuroi , books, dogs, silences and also cacophonies!

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